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Insulation Services
What we Do !

The insulation division of PASI is a certified full service specialty contractor.  Our services include preparing estimated project costs from plans and specifications to specifying and designing turn key build projects.  Additionally, PASI has the capability to perform energy audits to assist prospective clients in exploring potential cost savings generated from implementing insulation upgrades.

  The following outlines our field insulation capabilities:  
  ● Air Handling  Units   ● Ducts                           ● Paint  
  ● Boilers   ● Fittings   ● Pipes  
  ● Breechings   ● Generators   ● Pumps  
  ● Chillers   ● Hi-Temperature Exhaust   ● Tanks   
  ● Circulation Systems   ● Ovens                           ● Valves  
  ● Cold Storage          
  These systems typically require insulation:  
  Air Conditioning   ● Glycol Dow Therm   ● Process PPG  
  ● Chilled Water   ● Hot Water Heating   ● Refrigeration  
  ● Condensate   ● Plumbing   ● Steam  
  ● Duct Work